Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Fair Play Dance Up 2014 Winter School!

As usual so many attractions and activities are waiting for you which you cannot do without sweat and tears (hopefully no blood;). But the most important thing we offer to you is to burnish your craft with the best dance teachers from all over the world! They will share their knowledge, experience, skills and talents with you. For 5 days they will be here for you to give you joy and happiness.

Invariably we, the Fair Play Crew, create with passion, and want to contribute to the development of each of you who are in any way connected with us, which has related to the development of the dance in general, in our country and abroad.

We focus on the future, on a continuous progress, the quality of it, and the success!

Join us, if you haven’t done it yet!
Fair Play Crew

  • Starts in -93 days
  • 9 Champions of Dance!
  • Over 30 Hours of dance!
  • Great location – Center of Warsaw JM HOTEL **** Warsaw Center
  • 2 stops from Central Railway Station!
  • 15 minutes away from airport (Warszawa Okecie – Chopin Airport)!
  • Care for underage!
  • Evening events!

How to join a game?

  1. Choose and click in a box, next to the package you want.
  2. Fill up the registration form.
  3. Read and accept the terms.
  4. Send registration form.
  5. You will receive the rest of informations in an email from us.
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UP 1
UP 6
* promotion for the first 50 participants or to 07 January 2014

DIAMOND Package includes:

-all classes of two levels: morning and evening (30 classes with all the teachers)

-5 nights at JM APART HOTEL **** (22-26 of January) and board at Hotel`s restaurant (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

-accident insurance and tutor`s care for underage students

-Bonuses | Events| Lectures | Meetings | Battles | Yoga

Up+ Package includes:

-all classes of two levels: morning and evening (30 classes with all the teachers)

-5 nights at “Syrenka” Hostel with breakfast (22-26 of January) and lunch and dinner at JM APART HOTEL`s **** restaurant

-accident insurance and tutor`s care for underage students

-Bonuses | Events| Lectures | Meetings | Battles | Yoga

Platinum Package includes:

-all classes of one level: morning and evening (15 classes with all the teachers)

-5 nights at JM APART HOTEL **** (22-26 of January) and board at Hotel`s restaurant (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

-accident insurance and tutor`s care for underage students

-Bonuses | Events| Lectures | Meetings | Battles | Yoga

UP Package includes:

-all classes of one group: morning or evening (15 classes with all the teachers)

-5 nights at “Syrenka” Hostel with breakfast (22-26 of January) and lunch and dinner at JM APART HOTEL`s **** restaurant

-accident insurance and tutor`s care for underage students

-Bonuses | Events| Lectures | Meetings | Battles | Yoga

GOLD Package includes:

-all classes of two groups: morning and evening (30 classes with all the teachers)

-Bonuses | Events| Lectures | Meetings | Battles | Yoga

SILVER Package includes:

-all classes of one group: morning or evening (15 classes with all the teachers)

-Bonuses | Events| Lectures | Meetings | Battles | Yoga

UP 6 Package includes:

-6 classes with any teacher at any time

UP 1 Package includes:

-1 class with any teacher at any time

Booking starts at 5.12.2013

  • Detail
  • Number Of Classes/Hours
  • Accommodation
  • Board
  • Regular Price (PLN)
  • Promotional Price (PLN)
  • personal accident insurance and underage care

* promotion for the first 50 participants or to 07 January 2014


  • Nonrefundable deposit is required for the fair play dance up winter school 2014. This will hold a place for you.
  • We kindly ask for obeying our fees policy. Our promotional prices are valid only when we receive required amount of money due to the promotional deadline.
  • Packages are under name. There is no possibility of selling, exchanging or giving unused classes to other students.
  • Underage students (up, platinium, up+, diamond) must print, fill in, sign and bring to the camp qualification card (you can download it in here).


  • An additional option for Silver, Up, and Platinum packages. With this card you can choose 15 class in total from both groups (morning and evening). You can order the Joker card during registration by writing ‘JOKER’ in the NOTES. You will pay for it at the place on the day of picking up your PASS. 49 PLN in cash. However, because SPOTS ARE LIMITED you MUST choose classes right now, while signing up for the packages.
  • IMPORTANT: if you choose this option you MUST send us your digital photo (portrait like for passport or ID) until January the 10th AT THE LATEST at INFO@FPDANCEUP.COM


  • Agnieszka Pieterwas

    Agnieszka Pieterwas

    We have a surprise for you at this edition of Fair Play Dance Up! We`ve got an amazing lady who will teach an every day morning YOGA class for you!
    Agnieszka is a certified yoga teacher, psychologist, and ayurveda lover. She did her Exalt Your Yoga Teachers Training diploma in 2009 in Vienna, when she was studying asana/anatomy, vedanta/Bhagavad-Gita, yoga sutras, vedic chanting, pranayama, meditation, kirtan, and ayurveda for 9 months. She is a disciple of Sri Louise. Second certificate she earned during one month intensive residential course in Dayananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India. Her third, and last diploma she obtained in June 2013 in Costa Rica, when after 300-Hour Teacher Training she became 300-Hour certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher.
    Agnieszka regularly participates in many workshops all over Poland, Europe, Asia, and US (ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Yoga Journal Conference, NYC) and teaches (Bodhi Tree Yoga International, Arambol, India). Curently she has been living in New York City.
    Agnieszka also danced for 8 years (ballet, jazz, modern jazz, hip hop, salsa, samba). Taking regular dance classes has given her a knowledge about dancer`s body which enables her to lead a class designed especially for dancers to warm up the body for further work, to stretch it and to prevent injuries.
    We know this class is in the early morning but this lady with such a grace prepare your body for hard work for the rest of the day! Come, and work your ass off!
  • Jonte` Moaning

    Jonte` Moaning

    Remember this gentleman? Some of you had this wonderful opportunity to learn from him at our summer edition of Fair Play Dance Camp 2013! And now again, for the second time in Poland, ONLY at Fair Play Dance Camp!
    A musician, dancer, singer, who started his trainings at Oregon Ballet Theater first, and continued at Alvin Ailey in NYC to get his first gig with Janet Jackson at her infamous 2004 Super Bowl performance. And since then he’s been singing, dancing, and choreographing for both himself and some of the biggest names in the industry.
    Jonte’s choreography can be seen in the “Freakum Dress” video and Beyonce Experience tour.
    Jonte` is a charismatic, enthusiastic, full of energy and ideas triple threat – a dancer, choreographer, and singer!
    An artist who creates unforgettable shows! Who inspires Beyonce with his talents, ideas, courage and creativity! Who has been choreographing for her world tours since 2007 till present. He lives and works in Japan right now.
    And you, Fair Play students, will have again this amazing opportunity to burnish your craft under guidelines and directives of this fantastic and talented dancer, choreographer, singer, performer, and ARTIST at Fair Play Dance UP 2014 Winter School!
  • Ian Estwood

    Ian Estwood


    Despite his young age this gentleman presents impeccable manners and unique, infectious style!  Adored by female audience wherever he shows up…
    Ian was born in Chicago, Illinois, graduated high school in 2011. Although he is the youngest member of Mos Wanted Crew he stared dancing at the age of 10, and started travelling and teaching around the world during his last two years of high school. He has already visited 17 countries. After he graduated he moved to the North Hollywood to pursue a bigger dance career.
    Ian is associated with Mos Wanted Crew, Movement Lifestyle, Kubskoutz, and Young Lions. He has appeared as a Principal Dancer in the Ubisoft/Black-Eyed Peas Experience television, choreographed a music video for 5LP, and won World of Dance Youth Choreographer of the Year. Video that made him popular in the YouTube dance community was “Faded”.
    Ian Eastwood can be seen currently as both choreographer and dancer on DanceOn’s Dance Showdown and MTV’s ABDC7 “Return of the Superstars”.
    He lives with Brian Puspos, both are obsessed with Legos:)
  • Bzyga


    Mr. Blazej “Bzyga” Gorski

    This young gentleman is a super-hero with super-powers! Bzyga considers dance as a dormant super-power in all of us, which can be awaken at any moment by passionate heart. He believes that hard work, consistency and perseverance can lead to achievement and accomplishment!

    Blazej is one of the first representatives of the New Age in Poland. His talent was quickly noticed and appreciated. He has unique, very dynamic style and creates fast, challenging choreographies.

    He was trained at the best schools of dance, such as Debbie Reynolds, Millennium Dance Complex. In November 2008 he made his debut on stage in the play “Morosophus”, and in 2010 in “Metropolish”. He is also interested in Le Parkour and acrobatics, which he skillfully uses in his performances and classes.

    Currently, together with the rest of the Fair Play Crew`s guys he has been working on the choreographies for the Polish X Factor and Got to Dance.

  • Kyle Hanagami

    Kyle Hanagami

    This gentleman is one of the most rapidly growing names in the Los Angeles dance industry. His creativity and unique take on choreography has earned him a spot as an in-demand choreographer across the United States and around the world.

    Currently, Kyle is on faculty at three of the top studios in Los Angeles: Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Movement Lifestyle, and Edge Performing Arts Center. Dance Spirit Magazine named him “Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming choreographer.”

    Kyle has been recognized for his achievements by The Industry Voice Awards in the categories of Class of the Year at Debbie Reynolds and Edge, as well as for Performance of the Year at Carnival Choreographers Ball. His credits include choreographing for X Factor, Nickelodeon, Fanta, as well as dancing for artists such as Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, and many more (info from www.broadwaydancecenter.com)

  • Brian Puspos

    Brian Puspos

    This gentleman is well known to Fair Play Crew`s friends and family! It`s a tradition to host him at our dance camps, so again, let us introduce to you Mr. Brian Puspos!

    Brian Puspos was born into a family of performers. His parents were ballroom dancers and his sister was a singer. Growing up, he was constantly around that environment. Just like any kid with musical blood in them, he was into Michael Jackson, Usher, N’sync. 
    He started off with talent shows and local gigs around Houston. In high school he joined an all black step team and soon became the captain of the team for all 4 years and led the team to be undefeated. Soon after he graduated he started Soreal 2 with Andrew Baterina. They danced and grew together, and accomplished countless things together, and ABDC season 2 was their greatest accomplishment. They got all the way to the finals. That milestone helped all of them in their career today. A couple years after they retired Soreal CRU. They all had different paths in life, it’s apart of growing. He basically had to rebuild himself. He worked as hard as he could. 
    Now he have taught and performed in over 30 countries.He is a part of various prestigious crews in this dance community. He became a YouTube sensation and has 100,000 subscribers. He has a video with 3,000,000 hits in 6 months. And he did all of this on his own, with of course great support of his teachers, students, and friends. 
    He is happy to be a part of a Mos Wanted crew who has also accomplished so much individually and have the same drive as he does. Together they represent the history of their community and unity. This second chance is what they want the  “Mos.”
  • Salah


    Salah is the definition of the word ‘entertainer’. He is a hip-hop dance icon who is adored by millions of fans across the world, and has been a huge influence in the recent popularity of hip-hop dance culture. He is one of the most watched dancers on the planet with massive YouTube popularity. Salah has proved to the world that street artists can be genuine superstars.
    As a competitive dancer, Salah has been victorious at many major events including UK B-Boy Championships and Juste Debout. He is also well versed in numerous street dance styles including popping, locking, breaking and freestyle. Indeed, he has become renowned for his unique P.A.B.E approach, which incorporates Popping, Animation, Boogaloo and Effect styles.
    He is a crowd loving performer, and crowds love him, whose improvisation and unpredictability never fails to make an impact wherever he goes. His performances, whether on stage, in a club or a chance passing by on the street, are unforgettable experiences which have gone on to make him one of the most respected street dance artists worldwide.
    Breathe the Beat is Salah’s vision of teaching his art form, not just technically but also spiritually and mentally. It is his tried and tested method for approaching dance as an empty vessel and to live freely through the music such that it becomes one with his movements, emotions and characters. Salah wants this project to inspire a new generation of dancers to not just dance by the book but to see the power within themselves to tell their story.

  • Marty Kudelka

    Marty Kudelka

    This gentlemen is a four time MTV Video Award Nominee for Best Choreography in a Music Video, and Winner of the 2007 MTV VMA for best choreography for Justin Timberlake’s music video, “My Love.” Marty is Justin Timberlake’s exclusive choreographer and artistic director, having choreographed numerous performances such as Timberlake’s performance for the 2013 Grammy Awards and 2013 Brit Awards, the 2008 ESPY Awards, along with Justin’s 2005, 2006, 2007 MTV VIDEO AWARDS.  Marty resume also includes choreography for Mariah Carey, JLO, Pink, and Janet Jackson, One Direction, The Jacksons, The Backstreet Boys, JLS, Sean Kingston, Jason Durelo, and Joe Jonas.
    Marty has also choreographed for many feature films and commercial ad campaigns for Coke, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, McDonald’s, and Citroen. His choreography has appeared on the TV shows such as DANCING WITH THE STARS, and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.
    Check out Marty’s Latest Work in Justin’s  ”Suit & Tie” video featuring Jay-Z.

  • Roofi


    Rafal “Roofi” Kaminski! This elegant gentleman needs no introduction! Anyone who is familiar with Fair Play Crew knows this man very well! Roofi is one of the members and co-founders of the Fair Play Crew. Master of hip-hop! He moves with extreme lightness and agility. When he dances he tries to fill every beat and sound to emphasize the perfection of the movement.
    He started dancing at the age of 16. At first he danced break-dance, also on the streets, to move forward and change the streets for more luxurious places, and the more sophisticated form of dance which is hip hop new style .
    In London, he attended classes at Pineapple Dance Studios in New York City at the Broadway Dance Center. He took a part in the show “12 Benches” , “Fame “, an international spectacle ” Vichry ” and the play ” Morosophus “. He performed with the band Afromental at the festival Top Trends 2007 . He was one of the finalists of the first Polish edition of ” SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE “, and won second place. In next editions of the show he has appeared several times as a choreographer .
    Together with other members of the Fair Play Crew he has choreographed for numerous dance festivals and concerts (including VIVA COMET 2010) and TV shows: Poland`s Got Talent or X Factor. He was also one of the judges in the  Polish “Kings of the Dance Floor ” VIVA`s TV show.
    He also owns luxury clothing line for dancers – Fair Play Fashion – always unique, always comfortable, always of the highest possible quality, and always fashionable brand that speaks for itself!


  • Lando Wilkins

    Lando Wilkins

    Arlando “Lando” Wilkins was born and raised in the west coast of California. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

    He started dancing at the age of 7 and was nicknamed “gramps” in grade schools due to the way he carried himself. Started choreographed dance in 1998/1999 at the San Diego Mesa Community College with Angie Bunch and Anna Sarao. From there he quickly joined a collegiate dance groups called 220 (Second 2 None). Briefly danced with Culture Shock SanDiego/Jabbawockeez with guidance by Kevin Brewer. Which lead to the creation of the Super Galactic Beat Manipulators along side with KJ Gonzales and Ben Chung. Through one conversation from the late Gary Kendell, he decided to give those a chance that were denied in auditions for dance teams. That squad is called Boxcuttuhz.

    Lando has also represented the likes of Movement Lifestyle, Nailcuttuhz, Kinjaz, Headbangerz, Kubskoutz, and the world famous Mos Wanted Crew. Boxcuttuhz also participated on ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew) season 3 as well as Mos Wanted Crew on season 7.

    Now at the age of 30, he plans to work with various governments and organizations in hopes of creating organized seminars. Bringing a roster of known and inspiring teachers to countries that have less opportunities to train with elites in their profession. Helping to push dance knowledge and opportunities in their focused perspective. His goal is to create, direct, and inspire with the tools of humor and music.

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